This pearl of wisdom – quality versus quantity – has been around for eons and yet each time the sale season starts, it’s hard not to get sucked into the panic of “Two for one!” and “70% off!””.

We love a great deal but its important to understand the difference between buying a quality item versus choosing to buy many because they cost less. Japanese Organization consultant Marie Kondo believes that all your possessions should spark an innate sense of Joy, which she emphasizes in her bestselling book – The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Her main philosophy is harboring that feeling of love and cherishing your items – and on the flip-side recognizing what doesn’t spark joy and letting go of the clutter.

We couldn’t agree more with the mindset as there’s a definite lost art of cherishing and mending possessions. It’s far easier to just buy a new shirt than to fix the hem or mend the button. Of course, the better the quality of your possession, the longer lasting it will be. Here are 6, quick things to consider when faced with the choice of buying one high quality item rather than many, cheap and cheerful ones.

1. Choose the best you can afford
This doesn’t mean blowing the bank, it just means doing the research to determine what the best and most long-lasting version of what you’re after is and investing in it. When it comes to handbags – have a look at the hardware – is it weighty and sturdy? Are the zips fluid and solid? Does it come with a dustbag? Even pricey bags don’t tick all the quality boxes.

2. Look out for quality fabrics
When you’re on the hunt for a new wardrobe staple, always check the label. Natural fabrics – think wool, silk and leather, tend to fare better in the long run, making your clothes retain their quality, longer.

3. Realise that good quality will cost more now, but less in the long term
Yes, high quality items tend to cost more upfront but that’s because the superiority of materials have been sourced from better suppliers meaning the chain of construction to delivery of your garment is more sustainable and ethical. Secondly, if you work it out as cost per wear (kind of like price per gram) you will realise that a good quality leather bag will outlast a synthetic version and cost less in the process.

4. Reward your handbag for doing its job
Sounds strange, but one of Kondo’s suggestions is to remove all your items from your bag when you get home and place your bag back in its dust cover and set it aside – in a wardrobe or cupboard. How often do we throw our bags down the second we’re through the door – ignoring all the ‘stuff’ inside? Kondo reckons we should thank our bags for their daily task and let them ‘rest’ On the plus side, your handbag’s good condition will last much longer this way.

5. Choose to mend, darn and service instead of replace
Instead of just buying something new to replace what’s broken or tarnished, consider getting it fixed. Shoe sole worn down? Replace it! Buckle coming loose? Tighten it! Flagship handbags offers mini-fixes to your custom made bag, too.

6. Flagship is all about the quality
A handbag is a personal choice and is something you use and look at everyday to support your daily life. Why not make it something that reflects the very best of your personality? The best quality leather – soft supple and sturdy from Italy, solid hardware sourced from Milan and every stitch expertly crafted by our own hands, a Flagship handbag is all about the very best in choosing quality and not just quantity.