I admit to being as guilty as the next person, of feeling satisfied when  reading articles or other media output,  that backs up my sentiments on, or understanding of a topic. These articles appear to be confirmation that you are right or your predictions were correct.  And everyone loves being right!

I believe there are many highly qualified people whose responsibility it is to predict trends, outcomes of events both political and in business or even just the weather.  We have seen recently just how wrong they can be.  Therefore I ask myself – what can we believe, with access to so much information, which do we take seriously?

In the design world an example is the annual announcement of the Pantone colour of the year.

2018- Ultra violet, 2017-Greenery, 2016- for the first time a blending of two Shades – Rose Quartz and Serenity (pale blue).   I am sure the statistics, research or algorithms they use to arrive at their decision are fascinating, but what must we do with this information?  Rush out and change our wardrobe, redecorate our home,  I don’t think so.

I have Google alerts set up for articles on handbag trends, leather news etc.  I may go through these snippets once a week or so.  In the same sitting I can read that “the hobo bag is back”, “tiny bags are all the rage” or “extra large bags are being worn by all the celebs”.    More than a bit confusing. I cant help thinking that in many cases we are being manipulated into believing facts that are serving the company selling the product only.

For a long time I have been reading all about the return to artisinal products, the joys of a crafted item with a real story behind it.  I have been told that the younger generation are wisely rebelling against fast fashion and the resultant harm to our environment with over a million tons of (in some cases, brand new) clothing going into land fills every year.  Needless to say I nod my head enthusiastically when I read these articles as it is my passionate belief that everyone should be buying less , but buying better.

Along these lines I have been advised that anonymity and originality are the new preferences  to big brands and mass production, so you can imagine my surprise to read on one of my recent Google Alerts that “Logos are back “.  Who is spreading this rumour and who will benefit from it?  I cant help thinking that perhaps the brands that are desperate to bring logos back into style are the same brands who have little else to recommend them.  They cannot offer quality, they are not unique, their price is not a determining factor and they are all round just average.  The only way they can encourage customers to buy is if those customers still believe that owning a bag with that logo is a status symbol, and that is their sole motivation for the purchase.

I personally get very frustrated when out shopping for clothing.  Who decided that cut off trousers were what everyone wanted?  Maybe there is a trend but does that mean we all have to follow that trend?  Why can I not buy full length trousers if I don’t want to show my ankles?.  Why am I limited by these decisions made in a boardroom somewhere?  These trend forecasters cause a self-fulfilling prophecy, they can turn around and say – “You see, everyone is wearing cut off trousers, we were right” .  The reality is there was no other option available.  The same applies to the skinny jeans vs wide legged trousers.  If you see enough skinny jeans being sold, advertised, or worn,  it takes courage to venture out in your wide legged palazzo pants.

This leads me to the motivation behind Flagship Handbags and our facility to design your own bag, choose your own colour, add your own accessories.   Who wants to be manipulated into buying something that someone else has predicted you will want  in a colour and style of their choice. Everyone is unique and their requirements are as well.  Don’t be deceived, make your own decision, and make the right one for you.


Flagship Handbags

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